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Birthdate:Dec 13
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
Von and Moggy are a husband and wife creative team currently based in Ontario, Canada.

Moggy works as an editor for the Canadian government. In her spare time, she works at Perfect Books, does some writing, reads too much, watches tv and movies (Turner Classic Movies!), and enjoys cheering for the Red Sox. Oh, and she contributes much silliness to this LiveJournal, of course. Von is a writer/artist who now has two published graphic novels under his belt. His studio page is at

Stargazer, Von's new graphic novel, has just been released. It's 122 pages and can be found at better bookstores and comic shops. And, of course,, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo. There's a dedicated website for the book at

Stargazer Cover

Von's original graphic novel, the road to god knows..., is also available! It's a 148 page bookie for $13.95 US. You can find it in better bookstores and comic shops as well as, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers. And there's a dedicated website for the book at

The road to god knows by Von Allan

And for anyone wanting a feed of this blog, here's the code link:

Oh, and if anyone is keen, an interview Von did with a local TV station is online. Just hit the little "Play" button at the bottom left and it should go!

And a snapshot from the interview (all official like!):

Von Allan on Talk Ottawa

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